When Should I Wear Compression Stockings?


Compression stockings are very useful if you have poor circulation in your legs and need assistance in keeping your blood flowing freely. These socks are perfect for helping to eliminate the possibility of blood clots in patients that have recently had surgery. Disabled individuals can also wear them to keep swelling down in their lower legs, feet and ankles. Compression stockings are long, white socks that fit tightly around the feet and lower leg area. They’re very beneficial because they help to place a large amount of pressure on leg muscles, which can help to direct the flow of blood back to the heart. Patients who are confined to a hospital bed will usually wear compression socks to help keep down the amount of liquid forming around their ankles and in their feet. These types of stockings are excellent for pregnant women to use as well, since pregnancy will typically cause the feet and ankles to swell up.

If you have been advised by your doctor to wear compression stockings, then you should probably ensure that you wear them each day – unless you’ve been instructed otherwise. Along with helping to prevent harmful and dangerous blood clots from forming, they are also sometimes used by individuals who have chronic venous insufficiency or have difficulties with varicose veins. Those who are known to have lymphedema or anyone suffering from post-plebitic syndrome are also advised to wear them.

People who are diabetic will sometimes wear compression stockings in order to help prevent the occurrence of leg ulcers or to heal them.

If you have been diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency, compression stockings could be a huge benefit to you and your personal health. They are often worn for this condition because it causes the veins in the legs to be unable to pump the right amount of blood back to the heart. This can cause the legs and ankles to swell up; compression stockings help to reduce the amount of swelling that occurs.

If you suffer from varicose veins, you will typically have enlarged veins that may be swollen after you’ve been on your feet for a lengthy period of time. These veins can be very painful and can also be connected with various other blood circulation problems. People who have varicose veins will wear these stockings on a daily basis – as a treatment for their condition.

Lymphedema is a condition where arms or legs will swell up due to blockages in the body that do not allow the lymph fluids to drain in the correct manner. Individuals with this condition will wear these stockings at night and also elevate their legs in order to reduce the amount of swelling that occurs.

One of the most common reasons to wear compression stockings would be to help prevent blood clots. Blood clots have been known to cause many serious health conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms. Wearing compression stockings, especially after having a surgical procedure, can help prevent harmful blood clots from forming.

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