Some Guides to Shoulder Pain

Sometimes individuals will ignore a slight recurring pain in their shoulder or arm thinking it will get better on its own. What these individuals don’t know is that shoulder pain can be as minimal as a quick intermittent pain, often described as a sharp catch, but can progress to a more constant, dull ache down the arm. Problems in the shoulder can occur with everyday wear and tear, overuse, or an isolated injury. These pains can be easily treated with physiotherapy where an accurate diagnosis will be stated and the appropriate treatment will be implemented.

At Assured Health Group, an assessment will allow our physiotherapist to pinpoint the source of your shoulder pain. Some of the sources of your pain could be a result of:

  • Weakness of the rotatorcuff and shoulder muscles
  • Weakness of the shoulder blade muscles, a stiff shoulder joint
  • A stiff shoulder joint
  • Imbalances between shoulder muscle groups that results in poor arm and shoulder blade movement
  • Poor posture, such as an increased rounding of the shoulder blades
  • Trauma, such as a fall, involving the arm