How to Give a Girl a Thigh Massage Using the Capping Technique


Thigh massage can improve circulation and also tone muscles quite well. This is particularly true when a “Cupping Technique” is used. Cupping involves the use of the hand in a cupped shape, and this is then used to deliver light blows or “Tapotement” to the muscle. This is always done after a preliminary deeper rubbing action, and the process serves to compress the skin and tissue while also enhancing circulation and tone.

To perform a thigh massage with the Cupping Technique one must first use the gentler “Effleurage” process that relies on a soft and gliding motion that introduces oils to the skin and warms up the muscle in preparation for the deeper work.

To begin, the receiver is positioned flat on their back with their arms comfortably extended along their side. The provider will stand at the knee area and set one hand with its palm flat along the lower region of the thigh muscle. They will place the palm of the other hand across their wrist and use this hand to slowly increase the pressure of their movements. They will begin with a single motion of the hand along the muscle and back to the starting position. They will then quickly lift the hands and form them into a cupped shape, placing the “pinky sides” of both hands at the starting point they will make gentle tapping motions up and back along their initial trajectory. This process is repeated three times along several paths of motion, with rubbing being followed by cupped tapping. The paths of motion tend to include the outer thigh, the top of the thigh, and the inner thigh. The process can also be repeated on the reverse of the thigh, with the receiver lying on their stomach too.

The Cupping Technique tends to improve reflexes and also tone muscles, and is a sure way to increase the quality of circulation throughout the leg. It is always partnered with a rubbing technique to prevent discomfort, and the entire process should be opened and closed with a brief period of stimulating Effleurage as well.


Source by Stella Wanderema

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