Groin Injury & Pain

Groin pain is a common sporting injury in high speed running, change of direction or jumping and landing sports. The musculature is complicated with highly stressed anchor points and the involvement of pelvis joints plus your lumbosacral spine.These injuries can cause a tendinopathy such as adductor tendinopathy.

Muscle control is a vital component of the rehabilitation and prevention of groin pain. Your deep abdominal core muscles, deep hip rotators, gluteals, adductors and lower back muscles all work together to control your lower limb on you pelvis and pelvis on your spine. Any muscle imbalance or inco-ordination can lead to groin pain. The most common groin muscle injury is an adductor muscle strain commonly referred to as a groin strain. Hip flexor strains are also common especially in kicking and running sports.

Groin Pain Treatment

at Assured Health Group, our Registered Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist are expertise at the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic and biomechanical related injuries affecting your groin. With accurate assessment and early treatment, most groin pain responds extremely quickly treatments allowing you to quickly resume pain-free and normal activities of daily living.