Did you know that Feet could be the reason of Hip, Knee, or Ankle Pain?

The human body is like an integrated chain reaction. This means that when one body part is working optimally – others will often follow. When one joint or muscle moves, it creates a chain of reactions in the associated muscles and joints. Poor mobility, improper posture or inactivity due to injury or surgery can cause significant pain in the affected joint or muscle but it can also create discomfort in other distant body parts.

On average, we take 10 000 steps each day. As such, the ankles and feet are commonly injured joints. Unfortunately, they are also the foundation or base of the “chain” and when injured can create significant problems in above joints and tissues. When an injury exists, surrounding muscles and joints become over-worked as they begin doing work that they were not designed to do, in order to compensate for the injured muscle or joint. The result is pain, loss in flexibility and poor mechanics of the ankle and foot, leading to subsequent pains in your knees, hips and low back.

One of the most common diagnosis is Flat feet and High Arches which can cause Ankle, Knee, or hip Pain. At Assured Health Group, our practitioners look at the whole body rather just being local in the approach of pain. When they examine the biomechanics of the feet, they are looking at the body holistically to see if there is any compensation when you walk. This is not specific to those who have had injury, sometimes there can be a chain of reactions due to a chronic condition in the feet. At Assured Health Group, We usually suggest Custom-made Orthotics or braces which can address the improper mechanics of the foot.

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