Custom TLSO – Orthopedic Braces – Finding A Provider Near You – What Is a TLSO?


Does your back really bother you?

Are you a medical professional that needs to help your patient get a custom TLSO for support?

1.) The True Purpose of a TLSO

A TLSO is a back brace that helps to support a patient’s spine. “TLSO” is an acronym that stands for Thoraco-lumbar-sacral orthosis (orthosis is a professional word for brace).

Why is support from a back brace, like a custom TLSO important? – The support that a TLSO can provide is significant because when someone has a fracture or any number of issues with their spine, sometimes improper movements can make things worse. A TLSO can help prevent improper movements by limiting motion in coronal, sagittal or transverse planes of motion. When improper bending, twisting or side bending are minimized, a patient has a better opportunity to quicken the healing process.

A custom TLSO is an orthopedic brace that can help reduce a patient’s back pain as well. Pain reduction alone can be a reason to get a quality made orthopedic support. Patients will tell us on a routine basis that they feel a heightened sense of security and pain reduction with their TLSO, or other back brace. The reduction of pain and increase back support can mean a lot when you have instability and/or pain issues that can consume your time and energy.

2.) Can’t You Just Use An Off The Shelf TLSO Instead?

There are many different kinds of back braces, but the gold standard for a TLSO would be a one that is custom made for the patient. Off the shelf braces / prefabricated supports were designed to help people and they often do, but you can not beat a custom made brace.

Twisting motions (rotation in the transverse plane) can unfortunately compromise an already injured back. This is a very dangerous type of movement for an injured spine! – A custom TLSO will help to minimize this motion and can arguably do this better than any off the shelf type of orthosis. – Moreover, an off the shelf spinal brace can also provide excessive shear force. (Shear force is basically a push in the horizontal plane on the vertebra in your spine.) This can be problematic when the Anterior longitudinal ligament is compromised and the vertebra now has a chance to move without proper resistance from this ligament.

3.) Finding An Orthopedic Brace Provider Near You – Chicago Example

If you live in Chicago, for example, you can go to Google and type in “custom TLSO” and “Chicago” (or the zip code you are in, like 60611 for example). This will help you find a brace provider in this area that can help you. – You can also repeat this process for any suburb, whether it is in Chicago or not. This general example will help you whether you live in the United States or abroad.


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