Arm Pain

Arm pain and injuries are extremely common. Arm pain can occur as a result of sports injuries, work injuries or simply everyday arm use. Arm pain can be a local injury or referred from your neck (cervical radiculopathy). This can result in neck-arm pain. Left arm pain can even be an early sign of a life-threatening cardiac issue, so an accurate history and diagnosis are important to the best management of your arm pain. It may even be life-saving!

Luckily most arm pain is not life-threatening and is simply a local musculoskeletal injury. But even then, arm pain caused by local muscle, tendon or joint injury is obviously going to respond to local treatment whereas a cervical radiculopathy will require neck treatment.

The most common sources of arm pain include shoulder pain, wrist pain and elbow pain. Shoulder pain is most commonly caused by your rotator cuff or frozen shoulder. Elbow pain commonly falls into the tennis elbow or golfers elbow group of conditions depending upon its location. Wrist pain can be related to carpal tunnel, wrist arthritis or even a thumb tendon condition known as de Quervain’s tenosynovitis.

Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Treatments are helpful in treating arm pain. As you see the cause of your arm pain can be wide and varied. An accurate diagnosis from a suitably qualified health practitioner is highly recommended to determine what is wrong and what is the best treatment path for you.

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