4 Benefits of Custom Made orthotics

Your feet support and balance your body weight, and any alterations in your foot structure and alignment can have poor consequences for other joints in your body and even your overall health.

Custom orthotics are prescription medical devices which are worn inside the shoes to correct foot alignment issues which cause biomechanical imbalances during walking, standing, or running. Wearing foot orthotics can also help to relieve foot pain caused by medical conditions including Pes Planus, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, diabetes and arthritis.

4 Main benefits of custom-made orthotics:

  1. Providing support for your feet
  2. Protecting your joints
  3. Enhancing your athletic performance
  4. Injury prevention

A custom-made orthotics can address the improper mechanics of the foot and the ankle.

At Assured Health Physiotherapy, Custom-Made orthotics can be made for sensitive or diabetic feet, avid runners or even kids. Also, we cast orthotics especially designed for specific activities.