Groin Strain

A groin pull or groin strain is a common injury among athletes especially for those who participate in sports that require running and jumping.


  • Groin and thigh muscle suddenly takes on too much weight
  • Muscle stretched beyond its ability
  • Changing direction while sprinting

Groin strain symptoms

  • Popping or snapping feeling during the injury
  • Severe pain
  • Pain and tenderness in the groin and inside of the thigh
  • Pain when raising your knee
  • Pain when bringing your legs together


Typically treatment for a pulled groin is non-surgical and includes:

  • Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE)
  • Activity modification or immobilization: Such as avoiding activities that worsen symptoms
  • Home exercises to strengthen muscles
  • Physical therapy to increase strength and flexibility

Groin pull recovery

  • Avoid the activity that caused your injury until advised by your health care professional
  • Condition muscles with exercise
  • Warm up before exercise or sports activity
  • Cool down after exercise or sports activity
  • If you feel pain, stop immediately and let muscles heal completely before returning to sports

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